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leading dermatologist recommends pensida

Leading dermatologist recommends pensida
doc cappuccino Dr. Cappuccino, MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
“My name is Guy Cappuccino. I am a board certified plastic surgeon in private practice in Mt. Airy, MD. I graduated Suma Cum Laude from the University Honors Program at the University of Buffalo with a degree in biochemistry I decided to create a topical treatment for cellulite after hearing repeated concerns over the years from my patients regarding the lack of such a product. Like my patients, I found there were few if any commercially available products that had a significant effect on cellulite. Furthermore if they did make such claims, there was scant clinical evidence to substantiate the claims. I felt that I was uniquely qualified to design such a product with my background in biochemistry and profession of plastic surgery. I knew I could conduct rigorous clinical trials that would substantiate any results we achieved”.

Through science, technology, and extensive experience with skin issues the Pensida team is able to present an anti-cellulite formula that works! Pensida’s anti-cellulite formula is clinically proven to be effective in diminishing the appearance of cellulite. This amazing product was also tested thoroughly by leading dermatologists to verify it is safe for all types of skin. From doctors to scientists, dermatologists to beauty experts – all agree that the Pensida anti-cellulite formula can help in reducing the appearance of embarrassing cellulite.

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Pensida Anti-Cellulite is the Solution Diminish the appearance of bumps, bulges, dimples and crevices commonly found with cellulite through the powerful Pensida solution. The coffee-based skin cream will stimulate skin on the surface and beneath, reducing the look of cellulite while firming and toning your skin to look healthier. Use regularly to keep cellulite at bay and keep your skin looking beautiful.

  1. 1Skin is smoother to the touch
  2. 2Nutrients penetrate beneath the skin’s surface to nourish and fortify
  3. 3Caffeine from the coffee stimulates circulation while firming the skin
  4. 4Anti-oxidants help to rejuvenate and improve circulation
ldr healthy skin Healthy skin
ldr fatty skin Skin with cellulite
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Win the battle to fight cellulite!
Specifically designed for those who have troublesome cellulite problems and need an effective solution
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The Pensida Solution secret:

  1. 1. Developed by doctors who specialize in skin problems and treatments
  2. 2. Uniquely blended ingredients with the best concentration for better results
  3. 3. Tested and proven to work for all types of skin
  4. 4. Special coffee-based ingredient firms the skin while stimulating circulation
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Millions of people experience some degree of cellulite in their lifetimes. It seems that, no matter what the body type or level of health is, cellulite can appear and be extremely difficult to remove. The notoriously troublesome bumps, bulges, crevices, and dimples common with cellulite appear and never seem to leave.

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Beneath the Skin is Where Cellulite Forms

wtbfc healthy skin skin with cellulite
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Cellulite is a condition where the lower surface of the skin attaches to muscle tissue. These attachments pull and push the skin, causing cellulite to appear. Commonly, cellulite presents itself as unsightly bumps, crevices, or dimples. Cellulite can appear in almost any area of the body but it is normally found on hips, thighs, buttocks, stomach, and upper arms.

“I thought that my cellulite would never go away. Then I tried Pensida and was actually able to notice a real difference! My skin looks healthy, soft and smooth!” Norma Bing
fatt butt before
norm butt after
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clinically proven technology

Cellulite is one of the most difficult beauty problems today. The annoying bumps, bulges, dimples and crevices make the skin look unhealthy and unattractive. Even the most physically fit people can have problems with cellulite because of how it forms underneath the skin attaching to muscles. NOW there is a solution that is TRULY effective! The Pensida Anti Cellulite Formula!

The Pensida clinically proven treatment reduces cellulite and restores skin above AND beneath the surface!

  1. 1Dermatologist Tested
  2. 2Effective for all Skin Types
  3. 3Rejuvenates Skin While Diminishing the Appearance of Cellulite
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Cellulite Transformation Like Never Before!

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